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New technique! The “Acrylic Skin Stickers”

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Who hasn’t tried it before? Acrylic pouring on objects such as boxes, frames, your husband’s smartphone cover… The thing that really frustrated me was the paint that dripped down at the edges. It often looked messy. Well, you can cover objects with acrylic skins but then there’s always the question how to stick it to that object. And that way you can’t remove it without damage. Therefore, I experimented a bit and found a technique that makes covering objects with the acrylic pouring design extremely easy. I call them “Acrylic Skin Stickers” and in this article I’m going to share this new technique with you.



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Dr. Julia Knoll

Dr. Julia Knoll is an artist from Ulm, Germany. In 2018 she discovered her passion for "Fluid Art", in which abstract works of art are created from liquefied colors. She very soon specialized in resin art. The mirror-smooth surfaces that can be created with the help of this medium and the possibilities to produce three-dimensional objects make it a unique material in art. Handling the resin in the videos seems child's play, follow her on Instagram for more inspiration with art and resin!

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